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The Importance of Maintenance Support

The software you use is alive. Of course, it doesn’t have a pulse, but if the software lives in the cloud, it’s constantly being updated with features and the latest security settings. If you have a custom software product or are using a digital tool across a large organization, you’re probably inundated with trouble tickets and feature requests. The process of managing these software services is multifaceted and challenging. That’s why Bluebird Staffing offers our managed service for maintenance support of all your software products. It’s a valuable service that frees up your internal IT teams to focus on other initiatives. This blog will help you understand Bluebird Staffing’s Manager Service solution and how it can help your business.

What are Managed Services for Maintenance Support?

Managed services refer to outsourcing IT functions to a third-party provider. In the case of Bluebird Staffing, our clients outsource the maintenance of their system-critical software and hardware platforms to our skilled IT staff. Bluebird Staffing offers several important services within maintenance support to help your business:

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation offers a way to leverage remote or onsite talent to help manage your IT functions. It’s a valuable services model when you can’t find the talent you need or want to scale up quickly without risk. Staff augmentation is used frequently for shorter-term initiatives or back office IT functions so that primary staff is freed up for other activities.

Service Center

This is a help desk offering multitiered support to our clients. Many clients leverage the services as an offshoot of their existing call center model. When trouble tickets flow like water or call volumes are hot, Bluebird Staffing offers a supplementary service to help you regain control and satisfy your internal and external customers.

Maintenance Support

Maintenance support is an essential element of Bluebird managed services. This offering helps keep your critical infrastructures up to date with the latest upgrades. Our teams can manage incidents or handle queues, sponsor roll-out updates, or process file loads. Importantly, managed maintenance support closes gaps in your cybersecurity framework to keep everyone a little safer in the long run.

Application-Managed Services

These services are staffed by analysts to maintain your data and keep your back-office functions running smoothly.

Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management Services builds the foundation for your data so that it is more easily shared and stored. Of particular interest, if you have a remote workforce, this service helps with end-to-end connectivity for mobile devices and remote end-users.

Analytics and Reporting Managed Services.

This service helps develop and fulfill processes that allow you to finally use your data effectively. We make data useful for our clients as a critical part of their digital transformation.

These types of managed services offer many business benefits, including:

  • Improved system availability.
  • Reduced downtime and disruption.
  • Fewer threats from cybersecurity breaches.
  • Better compliance with regulatory rules.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Happier end-users.

Fly With Bluebird Staffing

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