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We Deliver: Great People - Great Results.

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Our Mission

Bluebird’s mission is to make the human element the most important factor of the hiring process. In a world that has become automated, we help you fly above the rest.

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The Bluebird Staffing Story

Established in 2017, Bluebird Staffing was formed with one goal in mind – to bring the human element back to the hiring process. In a world that is dominated by mobile apps and AI automated programming, we saw a glaring issue – typical healthcare temp agencies suffer from a lack of communication during the hiring process. This lack of human interaction during the most crucial phase of hiring has caused countless candidates and hiring managers to miss a perfect connection. The Bluebird team set out to disrupt this automation and ensure our IT, professional and healthcare staffing company provided a better hiring experience for our clients and candidates. Since 2017, we have optimized that human element and increased our clients’ success rate with applicants by 75%.

Because of that ongoing success, Bluebird is expanding to meet rapidly growing demand. We currently serve employers and professionals nationwide from offices in Philadelphia and St. Louis. Planning is in the works for several new locations around the country, with Chicago and Cleveland offices coming online soon.

Experience the Bluebird Staffing Culture

At Bluebird, our team is at the center of the picture. We are passionate about helping people find people and we couldn’t be prouder of the team we’ve built. It’s easy to love your job when you get to work with people like this every day!

Fly with the Bluebird Team!

When you join the Bluebird team, you are surrounded by teammates who rally around your training, development, growth and success! Given the nature of our business as a travel nursing staffing agency, we have a team-first mentality and cheer each other on every day.

We Love People and We Love Ideas

With an open-door policy (or better yet no doors), we look forward to learning from our team, and we love to get behind new ideas and try new things. Let’s innovate together.

The Sky is the Limit at Bluebird

At Bluebird, you will have access to unlimited earning potential, excellent benefits, career growth, training, teambuilding events, industry conferences, flexible work schedules and, most importantly, an open career path to pioneer your own way.

Our culture is our people. Let’s do great things together!

About the Bluebird

Bluebird of Happiness… This beautiful bird is a universal symbol of happiness around the world. In Native American mythology, some tribes consider the bluebird a spirit in animal form that symbolizes the dawn of a new day; others associate the friendly bird with the sun. The Iroquois believe that the bluebird is a harbinger of spring that fights off the evil demigod of winter, Tawiscaron.

According to folklore, many Native Americans hung dry gourds to entice bluebirds to nest near their settlements so they could enjoy their enchanting songs of happiness and hope. Just gazing upon one of the little flying cobalt creatures of contentment is said to bring joy. At Bluebird Staffing, we embody the spirit of this little bird in everything we do.

Bluebird Staffing

Equal Opportunity Employer

At Bluebird, we don’t just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our clients, and our community. We are proud to be an equal opportunity workplace!
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