Joint Commission Certification

Bluebird Staffing is a Joint Commission Certified healthcare staffing company.

The Join Commission Gold Seal

We Are Proud To Have Achieved the Highest Industry Standards

Bluebird Staffing is pleased to announce that it has earned the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services Certification. This prestigious certification is awarded to organizations that demonstrate continuous compliance with the Joint Commission’s performance standards and reflects a commitment to providing safe, high-quality patient care. Serving nationwide from offices in Limerick, PA and Ellisville, MO, Bluebird Staffing is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in healthcare staffing.

Why Work With Joint Commission Certified Bluebird Staffing?

Earning the Joint Commission Certification indicates our commitment to the highest service quality and patient safety standards. We are equally committed to providing an exceptional experience for our professionals. We offer flexible job opportunities, weekly pay, great benefits 24/7 support, and the confidence that you have entrusted your career to an agency that conforms to the industry standard for healthcare.

Why is Joint Commission Certification Important in Healthcare Staffing?

Joint Commission Certification for Health Care Staffing Services (HCSS) offers an independent, comprehensive evaluation of the staffing agency’s ability to provide expert staffing services. Joint Commission Certification is a critical component of healthcare staffing. It helps to ensure healthcare professionals are working with agencies that have been thoroughly evaluated and meet the highest standards for quality and patient safety. By choosing a Joint Commission Certified agency like Bluebird Staffing, you can trust that you are receiving the highest level of staffing services and support.

Joint Commission Policy Statement

In compliance with the Joint Commission’s Standards for Healthcare Staffing Services, Bluebird Staffing is committed to providing a higher standard of service and the delivery of safe, quality patient care. As our client, you can have confidence that the processes and procedures within Bluebird Staffing support that the supplemental staff working in your organization have met the requirements established by the Joint Commission. To ensure compliance with the Joint Commission Standards for Healthcare Staffing services, Bluebird Staffing provides clients with a written description of the following service features:


Bluebird Staffing will not engage with subcontractors to provide Assigned Employees unless agreed to in advance by the client.


Assigned Employees may only be placed in assignments that match the job description for which Bluebird Staffing assigns them; if an Assigned Employee is asked to float to another department with the client, the department must be a like department or unit, and the float employee must have demonstrated previous competency and have the appropriate certifications and credentials for that department/unit. Assigned Employees should only be floated to areas of comparable clinical diagnoses and acuities. The client must notify Bluebird Staffing immediately of the floating employee.

Competency Review

It is the responsibility of Bluebird Staffing to conduct and finalize the pre-employment assessments of the Assigned Employee’s competence based on the techniques, procedures, technology, and skills needed to provide care, treatment and services to the populations served by the client upon completion of Bluebird Staffing’s orientation. It is the responsibility of the client to cooperate in a review or evaluation of each Assigned Employee, relative to the employee’s ability to perform specific job functions upon completion of employee’s assignment or shift.

Orientation of Employees

Bluebird Staffing will provide all new employees with an orientation to the company’s policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of the client to orient assigned employees to the facility and its rules and regulations and acquaint them with the facility policies and procedures, including, but not limited to, dress code, physical layout and equipment, and to validate the competency and ability of Assigned Employee to use equipment properly.

Employees and Independent Contractors

As the provider of staffing services, Bluebird Staffing will be the employer of Assigned Employees and shall not, by reason of their temporary assignment with the client through Bluebird Staffing, become employees of the client. At its sole discretion, Bluebird Staffing reserves the right to utilize Independent Contractors in addition to its employees to assist in the provision of all agreed-upon Healthcare Supplemental Staffing services.

Incident, and Error, Tracking System

Upon notification of Incidents and /or Errors, Bluebird Staffing shall document and track all unexpected incidents, including errors, sentinel events and other events, such as injuries and safety hazards related to the care and services provided, utilizing its data -gathering tools. Information gathered, tracked and analyzed is to be shared and reported appropriately to clients, regulatory bodies and the Joint Commission as required.

Communicating Occupational Safety Hazards/Events

It shall be the responsibility of the client to notify Bluebird Staffing within 24 hours of the event; any competency issues, incidents, and/or complaints related to the Assigned Employee and/or Bluebird Staffing. Client agrees to initiate communication with Bluebird Staffing whenever an incident/injury report related to the Assigned Employee is completed.

Requirements for Staff Specified

The requirements of staff sent to the client by Bluebird Staffing are to be determined by the client as part of the written agreement between the two parties. It is Bluebird Staffing’s obligation to comply with the requirements of the client by supplying staff that have the documented competencies, credentials, health screening and experience to satisfy the requirements specified by the client in order to deliver safe care to the population being served.

Staff Matching Requirements

Bluebird Staffing shall verify the Assigned Employee’s licensure, certification, education and work experience to ensure they are competent and possess the skills and experience that match the requirements for the assignment. Matching the Assigned Employee’s licensure, certification, education and work experience to assure they are competent and possess the skills and experience matching the specified requirements of the assignment may include the use of new grad practitioners for Allied personnel and non-licensed nursing personnel such as sitters, caregivers and nursing assistants, it may also include licensed nursing personnel upon the request or approval of the client.

General Information

Bluebird Staffing offices are located in Limerick, PA, and Ellisville, MO, and are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Our telephone number is (877) 410-5204. Any individual or organization concerned about the quality and safety of patient care delivered by Bluebird Staffing that has not been addressed by Bluebird Staffing management is encouraged to contact the Joint Commission at or by calling the Office of Quality Monitoring at (630) 792-5636. Bluebird Staffing demonstrates this commitment by taking no retaliatory or disciplinary action against employees when they report safety or quality of care concerns to the Joint Commission.