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Flexible solutions to IT challenges.

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Improve Performance. Get More Done.

Bluebird can provide the resources and services you need. We consult on tough issues to find the best solutions and provide on-demand subject matter experts. Team Bluebird works seamlessly with most IT MSP services and VMS to ensure talent is deployed quickly, accurately and seamlessly.

Staff Augmentation

Don’t let staffing issues jeopardize highly important projects and timelines. Bluebird’s flexible model of remote and on-site talent and MSP staffing solutions can offset these challenges. Our team of subject matter experts can be deployed at any time to reduce the burden on your full-time team as needed. With extremely flexible contract terms, we give you the power to ramp up and down at a moment’s notice. Let’s get to work!
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Service Center

Bluebird customers have access to our multitier-level service center. Once activated, customers will be matched with specific IT system resources for an on-demand desktop support model. With a focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we increase customer satisfaction by achieving quick resolution with rapid response times. Bluebird currently has offices in Philadelphia and St. Louis and a 24/7 Service Center team to complement your active model.

Maintenance Support

Businesses require constant changes and updates to their systems to keep a safe, cost-effective and reliable workflow. Bluebird’s subject matter experts and analysts can help you:

Application Managed Service (AMS)

Finding and retaining highly qualified and experienced analysts is a massive hurdle with all the niche applications on the market today. Bluebird’s application analysts have proven time after time to be a massive return on investment for our customer base. An expensive and highly tuned race car is only as good as the driver behind the wheel. Let our highly qualified analysts help you get the most out of your applications by maximizing your results and reducing your costs.
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Infrastructure Managed Service (IMS)

Bluebird’s Infrastructure team can help you build a robust foundation for your data so that the right information is easily stored, shared and accessed by end users. We focus on managing devices and networks in an agile and adaptable way. This allows you to proactively identify threats to your network and respond promptly to mitigate their impact. Our customers benefit from reduced downtime, quicker repairs, higher customer satisfaction and better business performance.

Analytics and Reporting Managed Services (A&R)

Through a well-cultivated relationship between our analytics and reporting teams and your company’s leadership, we establish a strong process to leverage analytics to meet larger, long-term goals of the business, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, advance market growth, and achieve service excellence. Bluebird’s A&R team works diligently to interpret and communicate facts and figures revealed by dynamic charts, tables and other visualizations. Using interactive reports, you can drill through various levels of data with the simple click of a button, further empowering your IT team while decreasing their workload.
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