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Healthcare Talent Expectations for 2023

Healthcare organizations have sounded the alarm about the talent crisis for years. Healthcare staffing agencies agree, stating the recruiting difficulties inherent in finding healthcare talent rank at about 3.7 out of 5. But it’s more than finding qualified professionals that is so hard in the healthcare space; it is that these employees are adapting their skills to a rapidly changing care delivery landscape. Our employees and our expectations are changing even as the field evolves. In this volatile, challenging landscape, what are the healthcare hiring expectations for 2023?

What Are the Candidate Expectations of Healthcare Employers Today?

Healthcare employers must ensure the best possible candidate experience or run the risk of staff turnover quickly after the hire—if the candidate is hired at all. What are the trends shaping the candidate expectations and experience this year?

Staying in touch

Healthcare candidates want their recruiters to stay in touch with them. Research shows that 73% of healthcare candidates want their recruiters to reach out to them at least once a week. Even if it’s just an automated email, job candidates want to hear from you regularly and consistently. This type of nurturing is time-consuming but highly effective at building a better candidate experience.

Meeting candidates where they live

Today’s healthcare candidate needs and wants a multi-channel employer hiring process. Employers and recruiters must use the candidate’s preferred communication channel, whether texting, email, phone, or video, to effectively meet the candidate where they are. This attention to detail on talent preferences seems simple. Still, it requires a high level of organization and the right technologies to build and maintain this commitment to your job candidates.

Improving onboarding

Studies show our healthcare employees are frustrated by the onboarding process. Up to 88% of employees say that onboarding was a negative experience. A positive onboarding experience increases productivity and gets them up to speed up to 70% faster.

What can employers do to ensure a better hiring process for job candidates this year? How can healthcare employers retain their workforce longer?

How Can Healthcare Organizations Retain their Workforce Longer?

Creating a better hiring and onboarding process means new healthcare employees are productive more quickly. It also leaves a better taste in the mouth of a new job candidate if they have a positive experience with recruiters and hiring teams.

The facts are astounding:

  • Up to 20% of new hires leave within 45 days.
  • Up to 50% of new employees leave within 18 months.

Better hiring starts with a better candidate experience. Bluebird Staffing sets the bar high for an efficient, effective hiring process. Our process involves:

  • Consistent, clear candidate and client communications, bridging the gaps between talent and employer.
  • Long-term networking relationships with healthcare candidates that build our track record of reliability and trust.
  • Always delivering on our promises to candidates and our client employers, creating a better experience for everyone.

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