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The Importance of Building a Relationship With Your Job Recruiter

Healthcare staffing agencies work hard to bridge the gap between employers and candidates. They are an incredible professional resource for any job candidate to consider. Your relationship with your healthcare job recruiter significantly affects your job search. Why is this relationship key to your job search? How can you improve and maintain a strong relationship with your healthcare job recruiter?

What are the Benefits of Building a Good Relationship with Your Recruiter?

Forging a strong tie with your job recruiter can help you in so many ways:

Improved communication

A good relationship with your recruiter can facilitate better communication between you and the company you’re applying to. This relationship is beneficial as you ask questions about the job, the company, or the hiring process.

Better understanding of your career and life goals

You’re more likely to find a better job match if the relationship with your recruiter is strong. A recruiter who knows you well can provide more targeted job recommendations and career guidance based on your goals and interests.

Better representation

A recruiter who knows you well will better represent you to potential employers by highlighting your strengths, qualifications, and career goals.

Long-term career support

Building a relationship with your recruiter can provide ongoing support for your career development even after you’ve accepted a job. Your recruiter may be able to connect you with other job opportunities or provide you with advice and guidance as you progress in your career.

Staying in contact with your recruiter is also a great way to stay top of mind. How can you find a recruiter you trust and then work to maintain that relationship to benefit you and the recruiter? Maintaining this relationship will take a little time, but it will pay big dividends as you consider your next career move.

How to Find the Right Recruiter

With so many recruiters clamoring to talk to you, who can you trust? There are several ways to find the right recruiter for your job search:

Research industry recruiters

Look for recruiters that specialize in your industry. For example, healthcare is a highly complex, specialized field. Look for a healthcare recruiter that understands your place in the healthcare continuum.

Consider your job search goals

What are you trying to achieve with your job search? Are you looking for a specific type of role? Does the recruiter have experience and connections in this area? What kinds of companies does the recruiter represent, and do they fit your goals?

Ask for recommendations

Ask your work colleagues who they have used to help them make a career move. Do they have recruiter recommendations that can help? Ask your professional associations or college instructors if they know anyone in the recruiting field.

Meet the recruiter

Once you’ve narrowed the list of potential recruiters, arrange a chat with them via video conference. Look at their track record to see the kinds of job candidates they’ve placed. What are they recruiting for currently? What is their approach to matching employers and talent? All of these questions can help you find the right fit.

Once you’ve established a relationship, set a goal to stay in touch with your recruiter at least every quarter this year. Or, if you’re ready to make a change, set a time to go over a job search roadmap with your recruiter. The selected recruiter can review your resume, discuss your credentials, and offer great advice on presenting yourself to future employers effectively. Together, you can embark on your job search efforts for a more efficient and effective process to get you hired.

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