I have always been bombarded with a large number of contacts from healthcare staffing agencies who want to help bring resources onto our team. It is hard to find a service provider we could trust to bring us quality candidates and add value to our partnership. Since the very first conversation I had with them, I quickly realized that Bluebird Staffing is different from other staffing agencies. They took the time to listen to our pain points, our needs and understand our team culture. They provided us with several very qualified candidates for every position they recruited on and were able to do so in a timely fashion. They were also able to follow through with their promise to deliver high-quality talent. I’m very glad that I gave them the opportunity to work on our business and help us fill positions that are unique and very challenging to recruit. If you are considering various staffing agencies and you are looking to work with a company that’s flexible, knowledgeable and professional, I highly recommend that you consider Bluebird Staffing where you can find a true partner you can trust.

Noona Tilton, Director of Recruiting
Lifebridge Health

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